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FOOsource is a Commission-Free Site

Save $+

No commission fees. Freelancers save $20,000 (20%) on $100,000 in earnings compared to other freelance sites that charge a 20% commission fee.

Pay $

There are no fees for clients. Also, since FOOsource doesn't charge freelancers a commission, freelancers don't have to increase their rates to cover commission fees.

Unlimited +

No limits on site usage for freelancers or clients. No hidden job bidding fees for freelancers
FOOsource(foo) {
foo.noCommissionFees = true; //No commission fees for freelancers!
foo.noClientFees = true; //No fees for clients!
foo.unlimitedJobsAndSiteUsage = true; //No limits on site usage!
foo.flatMonthlyFeeForFreelancers = true; //Flat fee covers everything!
foo.freelancersSaveThousands = true; //Save $20,000 on $100,000 of earnings!
foo.freelancersPassOnSavings = true; //Freelancers pass on savings to Clients!
return ‘FOOsource: where clients and freelancers get ‘ + foo.jobName + ‘ done well!’;
//Don’t try to run this function. But do join FOOsource
  • No commission fees
  • No client fees
  • Freelancer flat fee includes everything - no usage limits
  • Freelancers save $20,000+ on $100,000 earnings - compared to other sites
  • Works for both techie and non-techie jobs.

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