You’ve decided that you’re tired of missing out on the important opportunities that come with having a branded mobile app for your business. But you also know that you need to hire a talented developer if you want to build a custom app for your customers to use to buy your products, book services, or even access customer reviews and coupons. So where do you start?

Hiring a freelance mobile app developer is a great way to get your project done on time and at budget. A freelancer has the specialized skills and talent needed to complete your project without your business having to hire another full-time employee. When you’re ready to start finding the right freelancer for your mobile app project, look for the following 5 things before you hire someone:

1. Skills

When looking for a freelance mobile app developer, one of the first things that you’ll want to look at is what skills the developer has. Building an app is not just about coding, so you will need to find someone who has skills in user experience as well. A few things you should look for are cross-platform development experience, skills in modern programming languages, as well as UX/UI design.

Remember, the usability aspects of the mobile app will define how users interact with it. This means that you need to make design a top priority when building your app. Look for developers who will not only make the app look great but also provide value when it comes to usability, which will ultimately impact how users interact with your app.

2. Experience

In addition to looking at the mobile app developer’s raw skillset, you will also want to take a look at their experience creating apps within your industry. Consider what companies they have worked with and what their involvement was in creating apps for these brands. You will also want to consider how well their apps have performed and how many users are still actively using the apps that they have built.

Though experience is important, this does not mean that you should never work with a newer developer. For instance, a developer that has been working on apps for brands in your industry for 3 years who has the skillset needed to build the app you want may be more valuable than a developer who has 10 years of engineering experience but has not worked on the type of app you are hoping to create.

3. Portfolio

The best way to get a sense of what a freelance mobile app developer is capable of is to look at their portfolio of work. Once you have found freelancers that have the skills and experience you are looking for, ask to see examples of apps that they have worked on. Whether they developed the app single-handedly or played a significant role in the app development, these samples will help you better understand their experience and skillset.

Looking at the developer’s portfolio is also the best way to get a feel for their artistic vision. You want to work with a developer who creates apps that have the look and feel that you want for your own app. For instance, if you are looking for a clean layout and professional design, you will want to choose a developer who has developed apps that fit this description.

4. References

Yet another way to make sure that the mobile app developer you are hiring is the right fit for your project is to ask for references. Most professionals will readily provide contact information for previous clients they have worked with. By checking these references, you will be able to get important feedback on their work as well as how they communicate with clients during the development process.

In addition to checking references, you may also want to look at any public feedback that has been given to the developer. Whether it comes in the form of testimonials on the app developer’s website or online reviews through Google or freelance sites like FOO-lance, this type of feedback will also help you understand how the developer works with their clients to create successful apps.

5. Professionalism

Yet another thing to look for when hiring a freelance mobile app developer is their overall level of professionalism. How do they present themselves to potential employers? If they have a website or online portfolio, take a look to see how the freelancer markets themselves or speaks about their work. One of the best ways to get a feel for their professionalism is to set up a call or meeting and speak with the freelancer directly to ask questions about their work and approach to development.

In addition, if you are taking proposals for your app project, pay attention to how developers submissions apply to your business or your specific project. If their proposal seems more generic, then this can indicate that they did not take the time to customize their submission. However, when a mobile app developer tailors their proposal to your specific company and project needs, this is a sign of an experienced professional who will take your project seriously.

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