It isn't just surprising to learn that U.S. consumers spend an average of five hours per day on their mobile devices; it's also pretty amazing to find out that 92 percent of that time is spent with mobile apps and not mobile internet browsers. In addition to spending more time with their mobile phones, consumers have also spent more time using apps and less time browsing the web.

Five Transformative Mobile App Development Predictions

Today's competitive businesses turn to mobile apps because they know that's how they can reach their customers online. Certainly, they face competition from other savvy businesses, so it's important that their applications offer consumers a good value.

These transformative trends in mobile app development may help spark some ideas that will help business owners and marketers develop an app that can help their customers and their profits:

1. Apps will deliver more multi-channel engagement

An app that interfaces with other devices and sources of information  can offer consumers a seamless experience through many different touch points. For instance, a traveler might search for fairs on a desktop, confirm the reservation through a mobile app, and then use their mobile phone to pay a fee for an extra suitcase at an airport kiosk. If mobile users find the app convenient, they are likely to keep relying upon it.

2. Mobile apps will work to understand a consumer's current behavior

These days, mobile apps can integrate different technology to understand a lot about the buyer's current behavior. The app can use this understanding to make itself more valuable for users and to drive sales. For instance, a grocery store app might detect that a shopper just purchased taco shells through an app's loyalty program. In response, the application delivers a coupon for salsa.  It's likely that many shoppers will respond to relevant and timely offers.

3. Augmented reality will help with serious business too

With augmented reality, apps can add computer-generated objects over real-life views from a cell phone camera. Pokémon Go introduced lots of people to augmented reality with an entertaining game. At the same time, businesses have been exploring serious uses of augmented reality. Some examples include education, training, warehouse management, and even shopping. Imagine pulling up a furniture store app and seeing exactly how a new sofa would look in your living room or having the ability to view a list of the contents of a closed container. Augmented reality engages mobile users, and it's proving very useful.

4. Location-based services will help inform mobile users and increase sales

Apps can use the phone's GPS to pinpoint the app user's location. For instance, car-hailing services use this technology to connect drivers with riders. Brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants can send promo codes out when their app users are in the vicinity. Some companies even encourage consumers to check in when they visit their store locations as a way to gain more visibility on social media sites. Location-based services can help customers, raise brand awareness, and bring in more business.

5. Marketing apps will focus on personalization

Smart marketers will pay more attention to integrated analytics to learn how to use data they capture on various platforms. For instance, a popular movie app tracks which shows their customers watch. Based upon this history, the company uses an algorithm to suggest other movies that the user is likely to enjoy. When they release a new program that fits the criteria, an email app gets pinged to inform the customer. This helps ensure that customers are more likely to keep the service and use the app.

Future Business Apps Will Continue to Improve

The popularity of mobile applications has certainly encouraged many companies to develop their own business apps. Some companies have struck gold, but others have enjoyed mixed results. While people spend plenty of time using apps, the competition to engage and delight mobile users has intensified. It's not enough to develop a mobile application for a business. If mobile users don't find the experience of using that app valuable, they will turn their attention elsewhere. Better apps mean better business.

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