Taking on the venture to build a paid subscription site may at times seem daunting and overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of which programming language to choose and who you should hire to get the job done right. Being prepared and assessing the right steps to take before plunging into the world of programming and hiring freelancers is a way to put your mind at ease when moving forward with any job you have in mind, regardless of the size of your project.

Determine Your Budget

Prior to jumping into a new project it is essential to determine the budget you are working with while calculating the necessary steps it may take to complete your entire paid subscription site project. Knowing how much capital you have available to hire developers and your budget for additional requirements helps to eliminate services that may be too expensive and unable to complete the work you need done. Setting a budget in place is also important when speaking with potential freelancers or developing companies to avoid being caught off guard and surprised with a bill you receive in the future.

Learn the Basics of Full-Stack Developers

Understanding the basics of full-stack developers is also necessary to truly grasp the amount of work your freelancers will be taking on depending on the type of site you are looking to launch as well as any functions and features you wish to implement. Full-stack developers are not well-versed in solely one programming language, but instead, understand both the front-end and back-end of development from start to finish. Because of the ability of full-stack developers, hiring one is likely more in terms of cost due to the wide range of skills each individual is capable of putting to use while working for you.

Most well-versed full-stack developers utilize a number of programming languages when working on projects. On the front-end, they are familiar with HTML and traditional CSS along with JavaScript. In addition to working with databases, they are also familiar with back end languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and C#. By understanding an array of languages they are much more efficient when taking on large projects and building entire websites from the ground up.

To edit webpages on a basic level, thoroughly understanding HTML and how to put CSS to use is essential. Developers implementing databases should understand MySQL to quickly add new information while managing said databases, especially for your subscription site and its registered members. For interactive pages and features within your subscription site, JavaScript and jQuery are two of the most common languages used. Storing data and information from your users is often done with languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java, and Python. These languages are known as "server side" languages, and are essential to build larger websites such as a paid subscription project. Before hiring a professional to take on the project you have in mind, become familiar with the basics of each individual language while verifying the programmer or team you are considering is capable of executing the look and overall function of your planned project.

Compare and Review Competitors in Your Industry

To determine the best programming language for your paid subscription site, begin comparing and reviewing competitors in your field and industry. Check how each website functions, which features are available, and the main programming language utilized in your top competitor's business scope. Keep track of your favorite similar websites (in terms of functionality and the vision you have for your own project) so it is easier to convey your message when hiring a freelancer or working with a tech-savvy advisor of your own.

Work With an Advisor During the Hiring Process

Hiring a professional advisor who specializes in tech and understands the job of freelancer full-stack developer is a way for you to learn more about programming and various languages while also determining the best path to take during the process of selecting a professional that is right for the job. Tech advisors are experienced in working with programmers and full-stack developers, and can provide a clear guide regarding the hiring process to find the very best candidates that are most suitable for the project you have in mind. Additionally, advisors are helpful if you have questions regarding the best programming language that is likely to work for your paid subscription website to maintain speed, functionality, and to keep your website up and running with minimal downtime.

Eliminate Lower-Skilled Freelancers With Proper Vetting

Before making the final decision during the hiring process for your project it is imperative to thoroughly "vet" the potential candidates you are interested in hiring. Be sure to check all reviews and portfolios that are shown to you while testing previous websites or development projects that have been completed by your candidates in the past. List all requirements for your project in detail to deter programmers who are not capable of taking on all segments you need completed in your project's scope. Set deadlines and encourage only those who are able to meet them to apply. Incorporating a quiz into the interview process for your project is also highly recommended, and can be implemented with the help of a tech advisor if you are unsure of which types of questions to ask based on the programming language you are looking for with your future full-stack developer.

The more prepared you are when getting involved in programming and hiring new developers, the easier it becomes to track progress, ensure you are on track with your budget, and ultimately keep your project on track with deadlines you have in place. With platforms such as FOO-lance, find the best and most qualified developers to work with to truly build a working paid subscription site that aligns with your personal and professional vision.

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