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A Different Approach

We’re different from other freelancer sites, focusing on what matters most: quality freelancers, quality jobs, and an effective freelancer/job selection process.

With our focused service, we don't have client transaction fees or freelancer commission fees.


FOOsource is a marketplace for experienced clients and freelancers in web, mobile, software development & design.

We bring clients and freelancers together and help them manage their selection, proposal and bidding process... then we get out of the way so you can get your work done.


We screen clients who post quality jobs. We screen freelancers who provide quality work. FOOsource streamlines the process of matching jobs with freelancers.

Low Overhead

Clients can post jobs free of charge.

Freelancers can create profiles free of charge. Freelancers pay a modest monthly fee to bid on jobs - generally one job per year more than justifies the freelancer's annual fees.

We don't charge freelancers commission fees. Freelancers keep 100% of what they earn. For clients, this means freelancers don't have to increase their rates to cover commission fees.

We don't charge clients transaction fees since they pay freelancers directly.

FOOsource is for experienced clients and freelancers who know how to do business - they know their value and how to work. They don't need an intermediary or the associated legal terms, transaction fees and 20% commission fees.

Simple Terms of Use

Other sites that charge commissions have tough legal terms with "Non-circumvention" clauses. Freelancers and clients are prevented from doing business directly for multiple years after using the freelancer site. So, if a year later you do business directly with your client, outside of the freelancer site, you still have to pay the freelance site commissions on what you earn.

Periodic messages on these sites warn users of legal action should they breach these terms.

To be released from these terms, for each client-freelancer relationship, you must pay the freelancer site a fee, like the greater of $2,500 or 15% of the freelancer's fees.

FOOsource however, has a simple monthly fee for freelancers. Clients pay freelancers directly. FOOsource is not involved with freelancer payments. There are no legal restrictions.

Some definitions

What We Mean By...

A Client is a company or individual that hires or recruits freelancers to complete a job.

A Freelancer is a company or individual that that does work for hire. A freelancer is often referred to as a contractor.

A Job is a project that the client needs completed by a freelancer.

Freelancers can provide a proposal for a job using a fixed price, an hourly rate or a mixture of both.

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