FOOsource helps seasoned employers find successful web, mobile, software developers, & designers. There’s no charge for employers and no commission fees for freelancers.
Successful freelancers use FOOsource.


There is no cost for employers to use FOOsource.


We screen all freelancers and coach them on providing clear profiles, portfolios and job proposals.

Experienced Freelancers

Freelancers using FOOsource are seasoned and confident in their success.

They pay us a monthly fee in advance, taking a risk up front.

This is a cost of sales successful freelancers understand and manage. It works for them because they know their worth, how to make clients happy, and what it takes to run a business.


Posting jobs on FOOsource is free.

To make it easy, we'll post your jobs for you, or take a job feed from you - also free of charge.

Because we don't charge a 20% commission fee, freelancers don't need to add that 20% onto their fees.


FOOsource provides an efficient way to find, screen, and hire freelancers.

We utilize sophisticated logic to match freelancers to jobs.

We provide easy to use tools for posting jobs, searching freelancers, reviewing proposals, managing bids and communicating with freelancers.

Both clients and freelancers receive job match notifications and proposal management reminders.


All freelancer proposals must have clear milestones. Each milestone has its own deliverable, and costs by the hour or flat rate.

We encourage freelancers to work carefully with clients to set meaningful milestones. It's recommended larger projects have a smaller, 'Warming Up', initial milestone. This trial-like milestone should have a deliverable and cost that provides a good indicator on how well the rest of the job will go.

Mutually agreeing on good milestones is the first step towards a lucrative and communicative relationship between a client and freelancer.

Some definitions

What We Mean By...

A Client is a company or individual that hires or recruits freelancers to complete a job.

A Freelancer is a company or individual that that does work for hire. A freelancer is often referred to as a contractor.

A Job is a project that the client needs completed by a freelancer.

Freelancers can provide a proposal for a job using a fixed price, an hourly rate or a mixture of both.

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