General Q's

What type of jobs and projects are on FOOsource?

Any technical project like those in Web, Mobile, Software Development & Design can be posted on FOOsource. We also refer to technical projects as jobs.

How does FOOsource make money?

We charge freelancers a monthly fee to view job contact information and submit proposals.

Does the employer pay the freelancer directly?

Yes. FOOsource isn't a middle-man or agent. Freelancers and employers work directly together. FOOsource isn't involved and has no legal restrictions like other sites.

Are there any processing fees or commission fees?

No. Employers don't pay processing fees like other sites. Freelancers don't pay commission fees like other sites.

Should new freelancers, or employers new to contract work, use FOOsource?

Probably not. FOOsource is for seasoned employers and freelancers who know how to run a contract project.

Experienced employers and freelancers don't need extra project management or dispute resolution services. Therefore, FOOsource doesn't charge employers a processing fee or freelancers a 20% commission on their revenues like other sites do.

Why do freelancers pay in advance to view jobs and submit proposals?

For 3 reasons:
1) We think it's too much to charge freelancers 20% of their earnings like other sites.
2) Successful freelancers know the cost of acquiring clients. A single job more than covers our annual fee.
3) Employers don't like getting 25+ proposals. Our monthly fee limits proposals to successful freelancers who can invest in client acquisition.

Freelancer Q's

How do freelancers get paid?

Freelancers bill their client directly. FOOsouce isn't involved.

Why should I use FOOsource?

For three reasons:
1) FOOsource is substantially more cost effective than other sites charging a 20% commission on your revenues.
2) We invest in acquiring quality jobs.
3) Our flat fee covers everything. There’s no additional cost. There’s no limitation on the number of proposals you submit or how much you use FOOsource.

Employer Q's

Do employers pay to post a job?

No. FOOsource makes money by charging freelancers a monthly fee. We ask employers to provide clear job descriptions and to be responsive to freelancer questions.

What if an employer doesn't like a freelancer's work?

As with any project, it's a good idea to break work into phases. The shortest phase should be first. If either the employer or freelancer isn't happy in the initial phase, it's easier to make adjustments.

FOOsource requires freelancers and employers agree on Milestones in the bidding process. Each Milestone is a phase with a deliverable and a cost estimate.

It's up to the employer and freelancer to manage the project with good Milestones. FOOsource is for seasoned employers and freelancers and doesn't interfere with their business relations.

Some definitions

What We Mean By...

A Client is a company or individual that hires or recruits freelancers to complete a job.

A Freelancer is a company or individual that that does work for hire. A freelancer is often referred to as a contractor.

A Job is a project that the client needs completed by a freelancer.

Freelancers can provide a proposal for a job using a fixed price, an hourly rate or a mixture of both.

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