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Zero commission fees means freelancers keep 100% of what they earn.

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Create your profile and full portfolio, free of charge. Receive messages and bid requests from clients, free of charge. When you find a job you want, purchase a membership to submit your bid. Once you're a member, you can make an unlimited number of quality bids.

Great Jobs

FOOsource screens every job posted by clients. We review each client's profile and guide them on how to submit well-described jobs.

We only allow jobs with clear specifications and expectations that we feel can be successfully completed by freelancers.

We only allow jobs with fair budgets, appropriate for the work required by the job.


No limits to site usage means freelancers aren't nickle and dimed while making their earnings. Freelancers can search for, be notified of, and bid on as many jobs as they wish.

Some definitions

What We Mean By...

A Client is a company or individual that hires or recruits freelancers to complete a job.

A Freelancer is a company or individual that that does work for hire. A freelancer is often referred to as a contractor.

A Job is a project that the client needs completed by a freelancer.

Freelancers can provide a proposal for a job using a fixed price, an hourly rate or a mixture of both.

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