petithacks - small hacks, faster growth
A human-curated (really!) collection of marketing tricks that companies do to get more of your attention, of your time, and your money.

Marketing Automation - Sell More Stuff | MailChimp rank: 181
MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.

Sumo, free tools to grow your website traffic. rank: 8,333
Sumo is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website's traffic. The Sumo tools are easy to install and work on any website.

GrowthHackers rank: 21,119
Transforming how companies approach sustainable customer and revenue growth.

Branch Metrics - Deep Linking, Attribution and Mobile Marketing rank: 23,456
Number 1 in deep linking. Integrate robust, durable links into email, SEM, ads and other traditional marketing channels for improved app growth. Get started.

Automated email for transactional and newsletters rank: 26,117
Send automated email, push, SMS, letters, and webhooks based on your customer's activities in your app or product.

Really Good Emails rank: 26,666
The Best Email Designs in the Universe (that came into my inbox)

Revue - Get your thoughts into people's inboxes rank: 37,665
We believe everybody should send a newsletter. We are here to make it extremely simple to send yours today and start a conversation with your followers.

Referrals Made Easy For Everyone | Viral Loops rank: 38,542
Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch and referral programs.

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