B2B Lead Generation & Data Enrichment rank: 137,682

LeadGenius provides software that enables growing companies to quickly and easily launch and manage their outbound sales campaigns. Their model combines the power of people, technology and data to help companies complete their sales activities. Ultimately, they help companies scale without having to make a major investment in talent too early.

Sparta helps you motivate, recognise and reward your employees to maximise performance

GrowSumo | Unlock new channels to grow your business
Unlock new ways to boost signups, sales, or leads through influencers, affiliates, or customer advocates. Launch your own program in minutes | Inside Sales Software CRM with Calling & Emailing rank: 18,237 is the inside sales CRM of choice for startups and SMBs. Make more calls, send more emails and close more deals starting today.

PersistIQ rank: 27,449

PersistIQ helps sales reps turn cold leads into qualified opportunities through smart drip campaigns built for outbound sales. It takes multiple touch points before a lead engages. Most sales reps give up prematurely because staying persistent takes enormous time and energy. PersistIQ automates the tedious parts while preserving the key human elements of sales.

PersistIQ automatically captures duplicates and syncs against your email to show which leads you have communicated with in the past. Select a group of leads, an email template for each touchpoint, and the cadence between each touch point. PersistIQ automatically syncs with your email to capture replies and bounced emails, which are then removed from your outbound campaign.

A simple solution for email outreach. rank: 42,883
Simplest tool for cold email outreach for sales and marketing. Proven templates, bulk email, auto followups, track clicks & replies. All for $19 a user/month.

Find anyone's email address — Norbert rank: 77,044
First 50 searches are FREE. I can find anyone's contact information for your lead research, talent acquisition, PR or HR! Find anyone email address!

Free Sales Software for Businesses of Any Size | HubSpot rank: 216,870
Everything you need to sell better and sell faster in one integrated suite.

The #1 Sales Engagement and Communication Platform - Fileboard rank: 300,580
SDRs and Account Executives use Fileboard for sales engagement, automation, and AI. Reduce your sales cycle, close business faster. For SMBs to Enterprise.

Conversio - Your All-In-One Ecommerce Marketing Dashboard rank: 573,490
Conversio is an all-in-one Ecommerce dashboard that will help raise your recurring revenue & get more money in the bank. Sell more. Do less.

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